CIS frontline workers go where the need is, in school and at home.

Site Coordinator Susan Key delivering meals and snack bags to students at Pine Ridge Middle School

An open letter from Susan Key,

CIS Site Coordinator at Pine Ridge Middle School

My heart is heavy these days.
I worry about my students academic gains and especially their mental and emotional drive. For the past few months, I’ve noticed families who already are marginalized and or live below the poverty level feel less empowered or motivated to push through daily life struggles.

Unfortunately, this directly impacts the students I serve who are enrolled in Communities In Schools. 

We often worry about students during the after school hours, but now students are left alone at home 10 or more hours which can cause other issues to occur. I feel it is critical now more than ever to keep our eyes on these students and be more nurturing and patient with them and their families.

With peace and love,
Susan Key

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