Communities In Schools of the Midlands is an equal opportunity employer.  We offer a competitive salary and benefit package.  Interested candidates must submit a cover letter and resume to Madonna Gauthreaux, Director of Operations at  All positions are open until filled.

Program Director: The Program Director is responsible for the operational success of Communities In Schools of the Midlands (CISM) designated schools programs.  He/she will ensure seamless team management and development, implementation of the CIS model and program quality control. The Program Director reports to the Chief Executive Officer. Internal hire only. 


  • Oversees and coordinates the delivery of school related programs in accordance with the mission and goals of Communities In Schools.
  • Develops and implements long-term objectives to achieve the successful outcome of school site service delivery.
  • Ensures that school site activities operate within the guidelines of CISM policies and procedures.
  • Identifies school site service gaps and develops/maintains community partnerships to provide services to fill those gaps.
  • Coordinates partnerships and collaborations in conjunction with CISM Director of Development and Site Coordinators.
  • Develops and maintains positive partnership relationships with designated school administrators and community partners.
  • Complies with all organization operations, including but not limited to reports required by the Operations Department.
  • Meets weekly with the CEO to provide updates on program operations.
  • Submits Monthly Work Plans to CEO.
  • Provides written and verbal reports to CISM Board of Directors as requested.
  • Establishes volunteer protocols in accordance with CISM partnership policies and procedures.
  • Develops and implements goals and objectives for the volunteer program.
  • Oversees volunteer resources to assist in the delivery of CISM programs and services.

*Other position and program department related tasks may be assigned by the CEO.


  • Fitting Bachelors degree required, Master’s Degree preferred
  • Minimum 3 year experience in nonprofit program/project management.
  • Minimum 1 year experience working with school age children in a nonprofit or public school setting.
  • Demonstrated management of multifaceted programs resulting in measurable successes.
  • Experience working with a high-performance, collaborative, constructive peer group.
  • Strength in hiring, recruiting, managing, developing, coaching, and retaining individuals to empower them to elevate their levels of responsibility and performance.
  • Ability to create and foster effective team work through positive influence.
  • Ability to assess problem situations to identify causes, gather and process relevant information.
  • Strong acumen for problem solving through established or alternative solutions.
  • Establishes and maintain positive working relations with others to achieve the goals of the organization.
  • Ability to set priorities and develop efficient work schedule.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Proficient in Microsoft programs i.e., Word and Excel.
  • Exhibits self-motivation and a desire to grow professionally.
  • Maintains a high level of integrity and credibility in fulfilling the requirements of the position.
  • Understands the importance of following position related instruction specified by CEO.
  • Ability to process constructive criticism and constructively communicate operational concerns.
  • Uses wise practices in sharing CISM internal written and verbal communications.
  • Demonstrates a passion for and commitment to the mission of CISM.

Site Coordinator: The Site Coordinator is responsible for the overall planning and management of Communities In Schools of the Midlands (CISM) School Site operations.  She/he manages the implementation of the CIS model of integrated student services to reduce non-academic barriers to student success.


  • Lead the annual School Needs Assessment process. This process will be based on several sources such as: data collected by the school district and individual schools as part of overall school improvement initiatives, surveys and discussions with the school principal and staff, parents and students, and evaluation results from the previous school year.
  • Lead the development and implementation of the School Site plan. The plan will include measurable objectives, as well as procedures for delivering school-wide services, targeted and sustained services, monitoring and adjusting services, and evaluating and reporting effectiveness.
  • Lead a site team that works closely with school administrators, staff and teachers in the implementation of the Communities In Schools model. The site team may include volunteers, school staff, and/or other community partners.
  • Build and nurture school and community relationships, and the engagement of volunteers and community partners for the delivery of services to students and the school.
  • Lead and coordinate the delivery of evidence-based services through best practice and risk factor research.
  • Coordinate school-wide services to help address identified needs, as well as provide targeted and sustained services for at least 10% of the school’s at risk population.
  • Work closely within the school and with school staff to identify students at greatest risk in the areas of attendance, behavior and coursework (academics).
  • Develop an individual student plan for case managed students to support their individual needs for academic success.
  • Provide leadership and direction by regularly monitoring and adjusting services as needed to maximize effectiveness and impact for students and the school throughout the year.
  • Utilize and regularly update a systematic data collection plan to evaluate the effectiveness of services in addressing the needs of individual students and school-wide goals.
  • Facilitate and fulfill ongoing and annual reporting requirements such as: data entry and end-of-year reports, as well as contributing to affiliate level reports for partners, funders, and the Communities In Schools national office.
  • Maintain accurate and organized records of case managed students and school services provided.
  • Other duties may be assigned by CISM management as required and necessary
  • Implement volunteer protocols in accordance with CISM partnership policies and procedures.
  • Meet regularly with interns and other volunteers to discuss their performances.
  • Maintain open communication with CISM Volunteer Coordinator regarding school site and student needs for volunteer support.
  • Coordinate and manage onsite orientation, training, and monitoring of tutors, mentors, and volunteers to work with students.
  • Serve as the immediate contact for school site tutors, mentors and volunteers.


  • Bachelor’s degree in related field of work is required.
  • Minimum 3 year experience working with Middle or High School-age youth.
  • Minimum 3 year experience coordinating school site or non-profit project.
  • Familiarity with South Carolina Midlands health and human service agencies/organizations.
  • Ability to understand and apply basic child and adolescent educational methods and developmental principles.
  • Ability to identify potential risk factors in a program environment and the steps required to reduce those risks.
  • Ability to assist in developing and implementing workshops and events for parents and students, such as health, career awareness and job readiness events.
  • Ability to respect and work within cultural and diverse populations.
  • Exhibits self-motivation and a desire to grow professionally.
  • The ability to speak effectively, present information and respond to questions from program partners and the general public as part of building community support is required.
  • Must be proficient in database management software.
  • Ability to interpret data based CIS driven statistical information is required.
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office Word and Excel is required.
  • Must have a valid South Carolina driver’s license and automobile insurance.
  • Annual background checks are required.

Interested candidates must submit a cover letter and resume to Madonna Gauthreaux, Director of Operations at  Closing date:  Friday, January 26, 2020.

The following positions are open for a Spring 2020 Part-Time Internship. 

  • Unpaid Position
  • Class Credit Available
  • Volunteer Hours Available

10-20 hours a week. Gas stipend available.

Period Term: February 3, 2020 – June 15, 2020

1.       Internship Position: Visual Communications

Duties: Responsible for creating imagery and visual presentations for marketing collateral using logo, photos and media to include promotional videos, record student testimonials, and brand/design language. Knowledge in Adobe Creative Cloud, YouTube, Graphic Design, Photography and/or Videography. Work can be performed at school sites and virtually.

2.       Internship Position: Public Relations/Journalism

Duties: Responsible for developing stories of programs, schedule and coordinate interviews, create marketing campaigns for fundraising events, and assist with content for seasonal newsletter. Experience in web and print journalism, social media, and MailChimp. Work can be performed at office and virtually. 

3.       Internship Position: Community Outreach

Duties: Assist with outreach to businesses and charitable organizations, write and distribute donor letters (in person, by mail, and email), and attend/setup tables at community events. Experience in marketing/sales, customer service, and community service. Work can be performed at office and virtually. 

All intern positions will report to the Director of Development. Send resume and cover letter to Latasha Taste-Walker, by January 24th by 11:59 pm.